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What is laminate flooring


What is laminate flooring? It is actually several layers of artificial flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring looks like real wood, but is actually made out of fiber boards. Considered to be an eco friendly option as compared to using actual hardwood trees, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Laminate flooring has many benefits over other types of flooring. The most important of which is that it is both durable and sturdy. It is highly scratch and tear resistant and does not require much maintenance. Once installed, a panel of laminate flooring can last many years without being replaced. It even retains its brand new look and does not require much cleaning or upkeep. Even extra actions like polishing or varnishing are not necessary – laminate flooring is of an extremely high quality and is not easily faded or damaged.

Laminate floorings also come in a wide variety of beautiful patterns. The many colours and designs available normally look like those of hardwood to give a natural, atmospheric feel. Another reason why they are so popular is because they are much easier to install compared to other kinds of floorings. The main flooring board is basically cut into small square shapes which can be fitted into each other extremely easily. Homeowners can even attempt to do this themselves. Even better, once assembled, the flooring can be walked on almost immediately. Installing laminate flooring in an office or home space is thus a very simple and fast process!

Clients prefer to use laminate flooring as well as because of how cheap it is. Compared to actual hardwood, it is extremely affordable and a solid choice in terms of quality. It looks almost exactly like real hardwood but with a far less demanding price tag. With this in mind, it is no wonder that many of our customers flock to our laminate flooring services.

As you can see, laminate flooring is not only cheap but practical as well. We highly recommend the usage of laminate flooring when renovating or upgrading your home for maximum cost effectiveness and efficiency!



Laminate flooring can be an easy and relatively inexpensive way to rev up the style and appearance of your house. Remove those boring carpets and lay out the laminate flooring and see how it makes the room look chic. Due to their durability and different styles these floorings are fast becoming popular choice.

There are several benefits in installing laminate flooring. The top advantage is that they can last for a long time without any wear and tear. You will require minimal repairs and the floor can be easily maintained too. Regular cleaning with vinegar and water is enough. These being stain and heat resistant are additional advantages. Due to these factors the flooring will cause you the least inconvenience. Ensure to get laminate flooring with a lifetime warranty as it will be a lifelong investment.

One factor that needs to kept in mind is that laminate flooring can produce sound when walked upon. Sound absorption can be achieved with highly thick laminates; the maximum thickness is about 12 mm. They are quite easy to install with the glue-less method being most popular. It’s a bit costly but totally worth. You can either do the installation on your own or get professional help.

Affordable laminate flooring pricing enables to stylize your house in an easy way. These are designed to emulate different materials like wood or stone. You can hire any expert laminate flooring supplier in Singapore to choose the best laminate options. You will love the various design options provided by them.


You may have already noticed that laminate flooring have become the trend in many houses nowadays. Well, the various advantages associated with these flooring make them the preferred choice of many people. The flooring are available in different styles and fashion designed to emulate different materials. Wooden laminate flooring is most common followed by tile and slate laminate flooring.

A laminate floor contains several layers of a particular material, for example wood, with an adhesive joining the several layers. There are several laminate flooring suppliers who can provide various options for you. If you are going for laminate wood flooring then you have the freedom to choose from oak, mahogany, maple, bamboo, walnut in different colors and designs. The laminate flooring cost is also not much; they are easily affordable.

Installing laminate flooring is quite easy as it requires little labour and costs. It is to be noted that a bit space or gap between the flooring and wall should be left out always. You can either do it yourself or get professional help. Once installed they are very difficult to remove but you won’t need it as laminates require least repairs. They are highly durable, stain and heat resistant. These types of flooring require regular cleaning with a mop and water.

There are many laminate flooring suppliers in Singapore who can be hired to do the flooring for your house. Just ensure to get the ones who provide flooring with a lifetime warranty although they can be a bit costly. Nevertheless, such flooring will become a lifetime investment for you.

Laminate Flooring – Cost Solution

Laminate floors are regarded as a cost effective solution and a better alternative to hardwood and several other flooring options. There are several factors on which laminate flooring scores over other flooring options. Today the laminate flooring suppliers have brought about greater variety of styles and designs to appeal to the masses.

There are several benefits which make laminate floorings a wiser choice. The foremost advantage is durability, resistance to wear and tear, stains and scratches. Although hardwood floorings are durable, they are not resistant to scratches, dents and can get damaged over the time. Due to this they require to be removed or repaired. Laminate floors do not face such problems. Another thing to be noted is that the hardwood floors need to be polished regularly to maintain them properly. Laminate floors do not require any such polishing; in fact, regular moping with water is enough. Hence, maintenance of laminate floors is also cost effective.

Installation process in the case of laminate floorings is also quite easier and hassle-free than the tiled or hardwood floors. The laminates are glue-less and can be easily installed without any professional help. When getting floors tiled or getting hardwood installed you will require professionals to do the work. Also, laminate floorings can rev up the style and appearance of your house easily. These days there are several styles, designs which you can easily choose from and you won’t need to spend a large amount as is the case with tiles, etc.

All these advantages make laminate flooring the wiser and cost effective solution. There are several laminate flooring suppliers in Singapore. Look up in the internet to hire the best one.

Popular Flooring Solution in Singapore

Many of the home-owners in Singapore these days prefer to use laminate flooring in their houses. Well, the trend is picking up fact because of the various benefits associated with these flooring. These help to renovate the entire house and are inexpensive too. Laminate flooring give your house an elegant look.

If you are looking forward to creating a nice impression on your guests then laminate wooden flooring is sure a good one. These look similar to the hardwood flooring however, they won’t cost much like the hardwood or stone. You can find oak, cherry, mahogany, etc. as options. These come in all designs and colour you can imagine and another advantage that they have is that laminate flooring costs less. The type of materials used in these flooring does not require regular waxing or polishing as is required in hardwood or stone flooring. All that is required is to clean the floor with a mop or damp cloth regularly. Moreover these are scratch and dent resistant so you need not worry too much about their condition.They are highly durable and worth the investment.

Another reason apart from their convenience and cost-effectiveness is that these are quite eco-friendly options. They are best to be used in rooms with high foot traffic. Also you get to choose from a variety of surface finishes like gloss, matted, etc. There are several laminate flooring suppliers in Singapore who will provide a wide range of products at your convenience. One can look up for the information in the local listings.

Laminate Flooring Supplier

There are several flooring options to choose from and laminate flooring is one great alternative. These days you can find several house-owners take the help of online suppliers of laminate flooring to renovate their houses. This article will show you how to pick out the suppliers for getting quality products.

There are several types, varieties of designs and styles to choose from. Different companies provide different pricing options and designs of the flooring for their customers. Usually the manufacturers provide good deals and discounts on their products to attract the customers. First of all before making any purchase decision it is important to consider the quality factor. Laminated wooden flooring are usually quite cheap and you get several options. As the laminate floors are quite durable you need not worry about the maintenance factor. Ensure that the supplier is providing products which are of good quality and are to your liking beside s seeing that the complete installation instructions are also conveyed. Make a conscious effort to understand the room’s ambiance. The supplier will then be able to suggest you several complementing laminate floor varieties.

One can find a list of laminate floor suppliers in the local listing. It is always imperative to choose professional suppliers. Professional suppliers believe in high customer satisfaction and they will make you feel at ease with your renovation plans. Some of the suppliers can be easily contacted through the e-mail and they will give you regular alerts about their different products. This helps you to make easier choices. Seek complete guarantee for their products and compare their shipping costs too. Take the deal which appeals to you the most not only in the sense of budget but also quality.