Tips To Clean Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Tips To Clean Wood Flooring

Many often complain about the expensive wood flooring they paid for and how difficult it is to maintain them. Little do they know that cleaning laminate wood floor could be so simple? Simply read on to find out more.

Firstly, never ever sweep your wood flooring with a traditional broom as it is likely to scratch your wood flooring. Same goes for brush rolls. Thus, it is advisable to use either a vacuum or a dry dust mop.

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Many have the misconception that a wood flooring cleaner is required for cleaning laminate flooring. However, it is not necessary because a little water can do the trick. Using laminate floor cleaner or soap may cause residue to be left behind which makes your laminated flooring look dull. Also, using too much water may cause water to seep through your laminate boards, spoiling your laminate wood floor even faster. Therefore, it is crucial not to use too much water. To know that you are using adequate amount of water, your laminate flooring should dry within one to two minutes.

With the advancement in technology, vinyl flooring is developed. It would be less of a problem to clean them without having to worry if you are using too much water. Also, this laminate flooring pricing is significantly more affordable. Cleaning your laminate flooring may not be enough to make them shine. You will need to buff your laminated flooring using microfiber cloths.

Lastly, you can maintain its shine by minimizing the opportunity of getting dirt onto your wood flooring such as by introducing a no shoe rule. When they are any spillage, remember to wipe them up immediately. Also, refrain from having direct sunlight shining onto your laminate floor by using curtains to cover your windows.