Remove Scratches on Laminated Flooring

Laminated Flooring

Remove Scratches on Laminated Flooring

Many are put off by the high laminate flooring pricing and how they do not shine after a while. Having scratches on your laminate floor does not mean that your laminate flooring is destroyed. Truth is that laminated flooring is easy to maintain and can still shine after a long time. Moreover, the high laminate flooring pricing you paid for includes laminate wood warranty which most issues are covered. Simply follow the guide below to care for your laminate floor.

Minor scratches found on your laminate floor can be easily repaired with a kit that is easily available in the market. Get the kit that is closes to your laminate colour. If you have samples of your laminate flooring, bring it with you so as to be sure that the colour matches perfectly. After getting your hands on the kit to repair your laminate floor, clean the area where the scratches are. Always wait for your laminate floor to be dry before proceeding onto any other steps. After which, use the putty and fill into scratches. Lastly, wipe dry to remove the extra wax that has gotten onto the undamaged flooring.

Even if you find major issues on your laminate flooring, you are able to fix it without the help of a professional. Often, major issues are always found near the edge of the laminate flooring. First, you just have to take off the baseboard from the wall. Be extra careful so that you can reapply your baseboard back to the wall after the repair works are completed. Then, start off from removing the floor boards closest to the wall and slowly work into the damaged area. After which, replace damaged board with new ones. Make sure the tongue and groove interlock. Place back all the board that you have removed in reverse order. Lastly, fasten the baseboard back.

To replace laminated flooring in areas that is difficult to get to, cut the center portion of the damaged board by drilling a few holes first. Then cut outwards. You can then safely remove the edge piece. Cut tongue off replacement board and spread floor glue suitable for laminated flooring around all four corners of the replacement board. Again, match groove on replacement board to tongue of exiting piece. Your replacement board should then fall into place. Similarly, remove excess floor glue using a wet cloth. Lastly, use something heavy to lay on it overnight until the glue is entirely dry.