Remove Glue from Laminate Floor

Laminate Floor

How to remove glue from laminate floor

Fret not when super glue is spilled on your laminate floor, we understand the high laminate flooring pricing you paid but it is not the end of the world. Simply follow the guide below to save your laminate floor from super glue.

Acetone is an excellent agent to remove super glue from your laminate floor. You can easily purchase it from any hardware shop or simply ask for assistance from the shop owner. Nail polish removers is another solution and it contain acetone, so you can use them if you cannot find pure acetone. However, it is recommended to use clear and unscented nail polish removers. Before wiping your laminate floor with acetone, always test on a small area to see if there is any damage. Proceed on by placing a few drips of acetone on the super glue that is on your laminate floor. Let it sit for a few minutes at least. After which, you can start scrapping off thee super glue from your wood floor by using a soft knife. To be safe, wrap your knife with a thick rag to prevent damage to your wood flooring. After all, you paid a high laminate flooring pricing. Therefore, it is important to scrape gently as you do not want to spoil your flooring.

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To test that you have completely remove the super glue from your laminate flooring, use paper towel to wipe away the residue. If you find that your paper towel is sticking to the floor, it means that super glue has not been removed completely. If so, repeat the above steps until the paper towel does not stick to your laminate wood flooring. Since the laminate flooring pricing is high. Let learn to maintain well on our laminated flooring.