Laminate Flooring Supplier & Tip

laminate flooring supplier

Search for laminate flooring supplier for your several years’ worth of tedious waiting, many BTO flats have finally been completed, and are ready for couples and families alike to move in! In fact, the air is practically buzzing with excitement, as island wide, new home-owners like you and I have been discussing furnishings and house designs to create the ideal homes for ourselves!

One of the crucial steps in creating the perfect home interior is to install snazzy new floor works to ensure a homely vibe in every single corner and inch of your new house. Many BTO flats often come with bare cement floors, and the lack of proper flooring can certainly spoil the aesthetic of your home. This is the same for other batches of BTO flats, which come prefixed with distasteful ceramic floor tiles that certainly do not subscribe to your notion of a perfect home. Well, why not consider laminated flooring instead!

By simply calling up a laminated flooring supplier, you can install new laminate floor into your home by simply laying the laminated floor works above the bare cemented floor, or by overlaying the existing floor tiles. In fact, laminated flooring are just about one of the best home design decisions you can possibly make, as laminated flooring are very easy to maintain compared to other flooring options, and can give your home an effortlessly natural and simplistic look. Plus, they are certainly easy on the wallet as well! Take for instance, a 5-room flat with 3 bedrooms and a living room: fully installing the floors with laminate wood will only cost up to $5000, as compared to a startling $10,000 and above for ceramic or homogeneous tiles!

Are you convinced yet? If so, read on for 10 great tips to take note of when contracting laminate flooring supplier for your home!

1. Type of laminate flooring supplier
When deciding to install laminated flooring for your home, the choice of laminate flooring suppliers is of utmost importance. After all, these very laminate flooring supplier are the ones who will be in charge of the proper installation of your wood flooring, and surely you would not want to end up with a botched flooring job as a result of having contracted an inexperienced contractor!

There are primarily two different types of laminate flooring suppliers that you may encounter in your search for contracted laminate flooring: direct suppliers and independent contractors.

Direct laminate flooring supplier are often well equipped with up-to-standard equipment, proper offices, and often offer warranties for their services. In other words, these are the guys with more experience and more credibility in the industry, and it would definitely be preferable for new home owners like you to seek out such direct laminate flooring supplier in order to avoid any disappointment.

On the other hand, independent contractors tend to be small start-up firms with little experience, and less credibility. They are unlikely to have a physical office, and may even lack the necessary documents and government approval to carry out flooring works. Avoid any shady independent contractors who come to you with the promises of extremely cheap laminated flooring work options – surely you do not want to be the unwitting victim of a terrible laminated flooring job, and realise a week later, as you try to confront the contractor, that the company no longer exists!

Pick your battles wisely, and place due consideration into your choice for laminate flooring supplier! Never jump rashly into a contract with laminate flooring supplier before getting to know more about their company.

2. Never pay up the total bill as your deposit
Another crucial point to take note of would be that established and reputable contractors will never insist that you pay up the full price of the flooring works up front! Avoid getting conned, and take the safe option of only paying 30% to 50% of the total bill before the laminated flooring works start, and only settle the rest of the payment after the flooring job has been done, and you are adequately satisfied with your new laminated floors.

This is because paying the full deposit up front could potentially cause you to lose all of your money if the laminate flooring supplier in question decides to turn up MIA a mere day or two before the actual laminated flooring works are due to start. Avoid this unfortunate outcome, and always insist on splitting up the payments in order to protect your own interests.

3. Find out whether there are any hidden costs
One tactic that many contractors seem to employ these days would be to offer a ridiculously low base price, and it is only when the entire laminated flooring works are done, that you are presented with a shockingly long bill that betrays the contractor’s initial promises of “lowest price on the block”.

To avoid falling prey to such deceptive tactics, always enquires about whether there are any hidden costs that the contractor has failed to inform you about, before taking the plunge and signing a contract.

Be sure to enquiries about whether the contractor’s quoted price for laminated flooring covers the perimeters of your entire home, and whether the price includes laminated flooring skirting and other necessary profiles. If it turns out that the contractor’s quoted price appears to lack most of these profiles, then perhaps it would be wisest to look for an alternative company to get your laminated flooring done instead, or you may find yourself with a drained wallet courtesy of such misleading pricing techniques.

4. Enquiries about manpower costs
Are you installing a new set of laminated flooring in a lived-in home? Or perhaps you wish to lay down the laminated floors only after removing the existing floor ties in your home?

Well, the shifting of furniture or removal of existing flooring plans will definitely incur quite a bit of manpower efforts, and as such, some contracting companies may take the opportunity to add a few more tabs to your final bill on account of the manpower employed to perform such additional tasks.

Don’t get caught off guard by a shockingly lengthy bill! Make enquiries about whether the company provides such manpower moving services for free, or whether they do actually charge a small fee for such efforts, before signing any contracts to commission your laminated flooring works to a specific company.

If a price has to be paid to move your existing furniture, we say – save the money, and move the furniture yourself before calling down the contractors!

5. Will installation of laminated floors affect existing utility of doors?
Another primary concern that home owners like yourself ought to take careful note of when deciding to get laminate floor, would be whether the installation of laminated floors would affect the floor height to a significant extent that they might prevent the proper opening and closure of existing doors in your home.

Certainly, for most novice home owners, this is a point which many fail to neglect, and often end up with much regret when the additional layer of laminate wood interfere with the existing utility of their doors.

In such instances where your doors can no longer function properly as a result of the raised floor height, it is imperative that you take steps to shave off a centimetre or two off the bottom of your door, so as to allow it to swing with ease once more.

Indeed, this trimming act is certainly a service which many laminate flooring supplier provide – but for a small price, of course! Make sure that you get the best end of the bargain, and negotiate for complementary door trimming services before you actually sign the contract to have laminated flooring done for your home!