How To Protect Laminate Flooring

Film or laminate flooring is easily open to a host of surface problems such as peeling, unevenness and ugly spots. This is most common in cases such as constant weight pressure applied by human movements and the dragging of objects in the house as well as external hot climate condition and sometimes even pet animals with rough and pointy toenails.

To safeguard against all these and prolong the life span of your laminated flooring, one can use carpet, rubber caps on the legs of household items including controlling the indoor room temperature as a way to go about it.

Trimming Mat

Some Care Suggestions as below:

1. Cover the legs of furniture with soft rubber leg cushions
a. Get off-the-shelf D.I.Y sticker paddings
b. Change them when worn out


2. Upturn the legs of furniture to avoid friction to the flooring
c. Get a helping hand from someone for big and bulky furniture
d. Try a wheel-roller to move items with excessive weight
e. Strong cloth materials like bedsheets and bathroom towels may also be used

carpet Rug

3. Lay out carpets on the flooring area
f. Use those with suction pads to hold them firmly onto the floor

4. Put a doormat outside the house for guests to dust off dirt, sands or other particles that may be found on the soles of shoes which can rub against the surface of the flooring
g. Hang a ‘No Shoes Allowed” sign as a further measure


5. Adjust the room humidity level to between 35 and 65% (recommended)to eliminate any risk of expansion and contraction of flooring material
h. Install humidity-measuring equipment, a humidifier or a dehumidifier for the above

mop floor

6. Remove immediately any spillages as any water content or moisture in the crevices of the floor may induce expansion and contraction of flooring material
i. Apply a wet absorbent cloth to dry up the affected wet areaWhere necessary, any cleaning liquid used, it should be ammonia-free as ammonia agent can destroy the outer covering of the laminate

7. Manicure your pet’s nails regularly
j. Use either a pest nail clipper to cut them short
k. Leave the job to a professional pest care


Quick Tips
The bottom-end rubber caps of walking sticks are most ideal on the legs of furniture to prevent any frictional damages to the wood flooring

Items Require
Commercial window cleaning product without ammonia, Entry mat, Soft cloth or mop, Nail clippers for pets, Humidistat, Adhesive felt protector pads, Plastic furniture sliders